There are a number of ways of treating a small penis. Let`s take a quick look through some of them and understand how the help the needy.

  • Creams and lotions – these are some of the safest methods of enlarging the penis because they are for external use and hence there are no side effects caused to your internals. Another advantage of using these is that the man gets to experience a unique joy when he gets it applied by his lady like something none of the other methods can give. This itself will enhance their relationships with a good climax.
  • Exercises – there are many exercises that you can make your penis do like the Jelqing, which will pressurize the penis to enlarge in size by improving the blood flow in that area. Penis looks smaller because there is a lack of blood flow in that area but when you improve the flow, you will automatically experience a bigger and better penis which is all that you want.
  • Vacuum pumps – these pumps are mainly used to correct the erectile dysfunction problems. Men who use this get to experience a better and improved flow of blood to their private organ which automatically makes them fit for a sexual relationship. Only when blood gushes through the organ will a man be able to succeed in properly ejaculating. And one easiest way of doing this is the use of vacuum pumps.
  • Stretching – this method pulls and pushes the penis up and down and during this stretching the blood flow is enhanced in this area making way for more blood to flow through the organ.

All these methods have no scientific back up for the results they promise to give and one important point here is that they are certainly loaded with side-effects and this comes to the forefront only when they are not used properly without a caution.